Europski kodeks ponašanja za beauty industriju!

Europski kodeks ponašanja za beauty industriju!

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Jeste li znali da od 2001. postoji CODE OF CONDUCT

Budući je i Hrvatska već nekoliko godina, zgodno se potsjetiti da i profesionalce s ovih područja obvezuje ovaj kodeks.

Njega su uz podršku Europske Komisije donijela dva važna tijela koja djeluju na području Europe a tiču se BEAUTY industrije.

To su:

  1. Confédération Européenne des Patronales de la Coiffure Union
    (CIC Europe)  sa sjedištem u Nizozemskoj
  2. The International Hairdressing
    Organisations  Union  (Uni-Europa) sa sjedištem u Belgiji

Niže donosimo uvodni dio:

Getting along for quality
About 400.000 salons. More than 1 million employed people, about eight percent of the
total service sector in Europe, and approximately 350.000.000 potential clients in the EU
countries. That is what the hairdressing trade is estimated to amount today.
The hairdressing industry is therefore very important to the European Communities and
its people. Because of this, it is vitally important that every aspect of the hairdressing
industry works to the highest qualitative standards.
The undersigned parties hope that EU Governments will take account of the labour
intensive character of this service sector and consider, in line with the EU employment
guidelines (entrepreneurship) and with a view to promoting employment in the
hairdressing sector, appropriate fiscal policies, for example a lower value added tax.
These Guidelines for European Hairdressers – the “How to get along code” – have been
formulated by the social partners in the sector to safeguard a favourable development
with excellent standards for the mutual benefit of employers, employees, clients and
The two international organisations in the trade – CIC Europe and UNI- Europa, Hair and
Beauty – therefore strongly recommend the social partners in all the EU Countries to act
according to these guidelines and to implement them in their agreements and other
relevant regulations.
We are “getting along” for the quality of work and life.
The guidelines set out below are recommendations jointly addressed by UNI- Europa and
CIC Europe to the employers and the employees active in the hairdressing sector, as well
as to the national organisations that represent them. These guidelines lay down standards
for behaviour for the activities in the hairdressers’ sector. Consequently, UNI-Europa and
CIC Europe strongly recommend that their constituents live up to these guidelines and
implement them in their daily practice.
UNI Europa and CIC Europe will follow up the Code in the framework of the European
sectoral social dialogue.”

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